Dead Luminous Ocean

by Crescent Days

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Limited to 30 Physical Copies CVLMINIS. contact at or facebook:

Sol- Vocals/Lyrics/Effects/Artwork
Abraxas- Guitars,Drums, Effects, Clean Vocals, Voices/Lyrics
Damien- Guitars on track 5

Guest Session:
Damien-Guitars Effects on track 5

mixed and mastered by Abraxas & Sol

Includes instrumental demo, and a Bonus Track.

Dead Luminous Ocean, 2nd Full-Length with Sol. Huge turn from ''On This Funeral Mourning'', and other albums, ep's, demos, etc.. Album consist of, post-black metal, atmospheric, depressive, melancholic breakdowns.. With every release escalates into a different style, recording, and sound. Every song has a ''Image'' and a story behind it we may not be able to interpret to you, but it is translated through the lyrics and musical instruments we play. We appreciate your support, if you really like this release, please purchase it with our label. Your support is truly appreciated!

Your donation's are greatly appreciated, It helps a lot for future releases and equipment.


released June 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Crescent Days Hamburg, Germany

Crescent Days is a Post-Black Metal band from Germany/USA

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Track Name: Birth Of The Moon
I awake at night where dreams arise, lone eyes stare at the sky..
Lowgazers and juvenile children
Collect the ungathering of the moon
Frolic in the stratosphere bending rituals for the summoning of lunar solstice
Solitude and an unwithering of gaian truth collect usurpers dawn and reveal moon gleam
Track Name: Dead Luminous Ocean
Oceanic luster
Forever rest in these crescent days
Our moons will forever remain stalemate
Never meeting
Intertwine is not but those for who remain on the same astral field
Lucid shores only substitute as your dead touch
Wander deeply into the evernight and overcasted shadows
Sleep for eternity luminous ocean
Track Name: Into The Sea Of My Dreams

Führe mich von meinem Vater , führe mich zu trösten , denn du bist mein Komfort sind .. Ich frage mich schweigend und den Entwurf dem Rücken kaputt .. Ich lag hier in der Hoffnung, nach Ihrer Rückkehr


Lucid equator consume earth
My dormant horizons bring me closer to the astral sphere
Slowly as we collide we become one
Knowledge forgotten fills me with pain and neglect
Absorb the pain of my deepest scars and thrust them upon the earth
The glimmering sea descends me onto it
The drowning sensation only swallows me, perceive the dreams only to come
Beauty met with immortality uprising and Cold wondering soul
Exist not in life but in the lucid sphere which surrounds me
Bury me.
Track Name: Follow Me To The Stars (Feat.Damien)
In der Ferne, wo man begann, mein Ende waren Sie
Ich schaue nach unten in diesen Gewässern und ertrinken weg, um an Sie zu gelangen

Zusammen ufer Horizonte werden Sie nie gehen, Nimm meine Hand und ich werde euch zu Trost führen

die Essenz des Körpers, die das Gefühl von Ihrem Touch, wird mein Körper Ruinen das Licht blendet, und ich verblassen zu der Nacht,

vom berauschenden Schönheit lebt in

Fading away of the touch of your hand, Essence of your body, the ruins of my soul..
Track Name: Walking These Cold Streets
I silently wonder in solitude, walking these cold streets, pale skin in disguise, my unevenly eyes... Intoxicated view of neon glow, I feel neither at home, or alive.

The touch of persistence, these dazed obstacles leave me in a trance, am I alive or dead?

The manifestation of being drunk, indicates my hangover, I drift on the sidewalk face down, on the ground, awoken by the sight of several blurry lights..a thousand faces remain the same, am I dreaming?

I don't feel neither at home, Nor do I feel alive.. Just breathing, My being, empty, existence of the nothingness

I don't feel neither at home, Nor do I feel alive.. Just breathing, my being, empty, existence of the nothingness..
Track Name: Cherry Blossom Sky
I saw you standing there
With it running through our veins
Clear red, cherry simmer, painted our skin, warm liquid dissipate our wounds to vapor, restless in its opening apparatus

Bleed along me, the wound was made for us, carved in delight and dismay, my love is for you,
Bitter sweat cave in taste, love and dismay were drawn from you, I'll see you again, when I bleed for you
Track Name: Crescent Days
These are the days, Of crescent memories
My ever wondering gaze out the window
Moon and Venus dominating the sky
blue lit mourning

Crescent days, I wish I could go back
I wish I could go back, we are separated
by the barrier of time, the sun stood still,
the sun was calm, I want to sink in evanescent daydream
Track Name: Eribo I Collect The Stars (Lantlos Cover)
Come by, my father, look
Come and see my fall
For I collected all the light

Come by, my father, look
Come and see my fall
For I collected all the light

I tear of my skin and bow to thee humbly
Take my tongue, so you can always hear my worries
Take my ears, so I can hear your solace
Track Name: Shores Of Solitude (Bonus Track)
Drag me down to the bottomless depths to where I cannot be found
I gaze upon the shores of dark horizon, secrets untold of the waning moon, the crescent, the light that guides us upon paths to the Unknown. It controls the waves that take me under to the deep abyss of the ocean these are solitudes shores, the ending is near, thee endless fear of thrashing in waters, casted ashore to nothingness